Everything you need to know before your vacations in Santa Fe

Everything You Need to Know Before Your Vacation in Santa Fe

As Robert Orben once said “A vacation is having nothing to, and all day to do it in”. With our cleaning services in Santa Fé, New Mexico, we are here to help all those coming here for a summer vacation to do nothing. This article will help you set your expectations of the city and prepare you for an enjoyable experience.

Vacations Rentals are very popular for tourists. These are usually of the traditional New Mexico adobe style, with the insides exhibiting wooden features of the colonial Spanish era, such as exposed structural beams. The reason for their popularity, is how they allow you to be completely immersed in Santa Fé culture throughout your whole trip from waking up in the morning to traditional Santa Fé artworks spread across the walls, to relaxing at night in front of the warmth of a large adobe fireplace.

An excellent provider of these vacation rentals is Casas de Santa Fé who offer vacational rental services both for the economic traveller and those looking for a luxurious stay. The properties incorporate the historic pueblo revival style, while at the same time offering innovative modern touches in the form of eco-friendly lighting and organically made furniture.

Besides accommodation, it is also important to know what to expect from your visit to Santa Fé. Whilst currently the city has been subject to weird weather conditions including a snowstorm and rain, the summer is just beginning and the heat is likely to intensify as it continues. The usual summer climate of Santa Fé reaches temperatures of up to 85oF in July. It is therefore advised to prepare yourself for intense heat by packing shorts, t shirts and lots of sun cream.

A camera is also essential for this trip given the artistic environment which shrouds the city. Most of this art is situated on canyon road, the cultural centre of the city. The street is home to several art galleries displaying art from centuries of pueblo history as well as contemporary Hispanic art. This is something which cannot be missed during your summer vacations in Santa Fé.

The area is also known for its scenic beauty and nature through which there are several hiking trails on which you may observe several types of animal such as herds of bunnies, as well as several species of fauna. While the beauty of the region is well known, its outdoor activities are relatively secret. The outdoors sector is growing to the point where the city has recently celebrated its second annual Bike and Brew Festival. If visiting for summer vacations this year, it would be worthwhile to check out these outdoor activities while they are less popularised and crowded.

We are here to make your trip as relaxing as possible and to help you spend your time doing “nothing”. If staying in a vacation rental, why not contract our maid services for at least once a week? We will make sure you always have clean towels and bed sheets and that you always have a clean home to come back to at the end of a busy day of relaxation.


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