Santa Fe Style

Santa Fe Style

Santa Fe’s architecture, as well as its decorative elements gives the city a Mediterranean air. The mixture of Spanish and Native Indian roots emerge from the very soil, as adobe and clay, and rises up in that unique style that is unmistakably Santa Fe’s in its design.

A city of earthly tones fuses with nature in its color and its sacred union with the Earth. Santa Fe is unique in all of its aspects, whether in its architecture and design, its craftworks, or its art.

Santa Fe’s style was born around 1910, when it acquired definition in its mixture of Spanish architecture framed by the cultural traditions of ancient pueblos. This combination increased Santa Fe’s value as a tourists’ attraction. Artists, designers, and architects developed a style taking the woodcarvings of the Spaniards, as well as their vigas (high ceiling beams) and their long portals. From Pueblo traditions they rescued the “staircase” construction pattern, adding parts to a house as needed, utilizing adobe and straw bale as the main element. This material is easy to recognize for its texture and rounded forms, and it is typical of many New Mexican, and specifically Santa Fe buildings.

At the start of the twentieth century many artists felt a strong attraction for Santa Fe. They were lured by the indigenous cultures as well as the natural beauty of the desert landscape. Santa Fe’s designs then develop an art based on an amalgam of Spanish and Native American traditions and cultures punctuated by the desert colors, shapes, and textures, all living in complete harmony.

If you wish to learn more about Santa Fe’s art and architecture, the following link is an excellent resource: http://www.canyonroadarts.com

Santa Fe flaunts its style everywhere. It is evident during a short stroll through the streets, a visit to the galleries at Canyon Road, its commercial establishments, the plaza, the museums. Buildings, pottery, jewelry, textiles, from the largest and most visible representations to the smallest detail, each piece is thought out carefully to preserve and showcase this particular culture.

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