Care of wood beams

Care for Your Wood Beams

High ceilings with visible beams accentuate the contrast of the natural color of the wood. This is a classical element of Santa Fe’s traditional architecture, and one which increases the feeling of warmth in a home.

It is important to integrate those beams as part of our cleaning and maintenance routine.

The height of the wood beams makes cleaning them difficult. It is advisable to dust them once a month to avoid the accumulation of dust and cobwebs. This is not a “dry” cleaning, because removing the dust only makes it fall on the rest of the room and contaminate the air.

From a structural point of view, the heat and dry air in Santa Fe can be damaging to wood, accelerating its dryness. It is important to maintain wood moistened through the application of a special product that matches the tone of the wood.

Termites are also a harmful element in our city, and they are often difficult to detect. When termites are suspected around our beams a professional service must be called at once.

Finally, wood beams must be inspected to detect cracks that go against the grain of the wood, and thus prevent structural damage in the home.

Clean wood beams, without cobwebs or visible dust make the home a warm, welcoming place.

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