Santa Fe Spanish Market: A Tradition to Experience!

The rich Hispanic culture of Northern New Mexico is celebrated during the renown Spanish Market, an annual event that every July gathers permanent and temporary residents along from visitors from all over the world, at the heart of Santa Fe.

In 2018, July 28 and 29 are the chosen dates for everyone to gather around the largest exhibition and sale of traditional Spanish colonial art. Over 250 colonial artists from New Mexico and Southern Colorado gather around the Santa Fe plaza to display their best woodcarving, colcha, retablos, weaving, jewelry, tinwork, straw appliqué, pottery and many other handmade works.

Santa Fe is a city founded by Spanish conquistadors, back in 1610, as the seat of Spanish government in the upper Rio Grande. The full name of the city back then is la Villa Real de Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis (The Royal City of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi). Just this portion of its history make it the ideal place to celebrate and honor the heritage of the city and the state of New Mexico.

That’s why the Spanish Market attracts not only locals but also collectors from around the world. The pieces these artists create are original manifestation of a living tradition, one that can be seen not only in handmade works of art but also while enjoying traditional musical and dance performances, and of course, food. This market is definitely another reason visit Santa Fe.

You bought it. Now take care of it.

The team of experts from Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is prepared to take care of all the exquisite pieces locals and temporary residents purchase during the Spanish Market. Many of them purchase throws and blankets to decorate their homes or vacation rentals, giving the place a true, authentic tone.

Each type of throw is different when it comes to cleaning. It all depends on the type of material from which its made. For instance, Navajo throw blankets, which could be also purchased in Santa Fe all-year-round, can’t be machine washed. They need to be hand washed with soft soap (not fabric softener), with running temper to cold water, and should be left to dry outdoors.

Other tips to take care of throws and mantas to keep in mind are:

Check with the experts: when you purchase any article at the Spanish Market, ask the vendor how to better take care of it. They will be your most reliable source.

Check the material: Verify the material of your throw, blanket or colcha, and research online the best method to clean it. Follow those instructions carefully. Cotton, for instance, can retain odors, so it’s important to use a small amount of stain remover of fabric softener, which get rid of odors as well.

Check the location: Many throws and area rugs decorate areas where the sun hits constantly, therefore the fabric may start to fade. To avoid it, change how the throw is folded or turn it over periodically. Also, for most of the traditional rugs, colchas and throws purchased at the Spanish Market should be washed or cleaned outdoors, preferably by hand.

Santa Fe and surrounding towns are the location chosen for many artists and collectors to live, whether all-year-round or for some seasons of the year. Many rely on Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services to take care of their home and studios, as they know they can rely on a team of experts that knows how to take care of any home from floor to ceiling.


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