Moving Out The Right Way in Santa Fe

It’s never easy to move out of a house, not only for the memories created but also because it’s a lot of work! Here is a handy checklist you can use to make the process a little better.

Any person moving from one place to another can almost see the light of the end of the road when the house is almost empty, and everything else is going to its new destination. But then something else needs to happen: the house needs to be cleaned from floor to ceiling. It’s the least anyone can do for the new tenants.

And yet, many people forget this “little” detail. Even if the new tenants will clean it again, it’s the least anyone can do before handing in the keys. But what areas are more important, or how to do it right? The professional team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services put together an easy 4-step check list with the main things to keep in mind.

Focus in the bathroom and kitchen. Specially when renting, leaving the kitchen clean when moving out is key to get the deposit back. Use a powerful degreaser for the stove and other areas of the kitchen counter that were previously occupied with devices or appliances. Also, leave the refrigerator empty and clean inside and out. Same goes for all counters.

Make sure all garbage is out. Remove all food items from fridge and cabinets, and check all areas of the house to make sure there is no garbage left. Also, degrease and clean the area of the kitchen where the garbage used to be, so the house doesn’t get any particular smells while the next tenants arrive.

Give a pass to the entire place. Make sure to dust, clean, sweep and mop all the rooms in the house. Also, vacuum all carpeted areas and give a pass to all drawers and cabinets, cleaning all surfaces.

Check the security of the house. Before leaving, go into each room to check each window and all doors to be sure they are closed and locked. Inform the landlord if any lock is broken, so these are repaired on time for the new tenant or before the house is left empty. Check basement, garage and the front door before leaving.

Moving out service by Ana Valenzuela

The check list mentioned above is only a portion of all the things the team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services does every time they are cleaning a house prior to new tenants coming in, or when tenants have left the property. With us, it’s always a fresh start!

Our moving out detailed cleaning service is the only solution for you. You can request a moving out service up to 24 hours before you need it, in any area of Santa Fe, and our team will be there the next day, providing a service 100% guaranteed. To see more details, click here.


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