There is nothing better than gathering with friends and family during summertime. And Santa Fe is the ideal place to do so, because summers in this city are particularly great for al fresco dining.

The city offers great entertainment for the long summer nights in New Mexico, but this season brings also the chance to host loved ones for an excellent BBQ, fresh salads and lovely music to dance and enjoy. Preparations for a summer cookout don’t pertain only to the kitchen, also the patio and other areas where the party will take place. But let’s be honest… once fun was had and all guests have left, no one looks forward to after party cleaning. 

Thankfully, the team of professionals from Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services can take care of that for you. They will restore that patio or the entire house to pristine conditions in no time! Here are some key recommendations for a spotless patio the team wants to share with everyone:

  1. The most basic care tip is to hose the patio occasionally to remove dirt and other elements that may stain. Also, sweep the patio and dust off all outdoor surfaces at least once a week when spring comes, and they are not covered and exposed to sunlight. 
  2. If you want to clean the patio before a party, know what products you are using. It’s important to read labels and start with the safest cleaning methods before using harsh chemicals, especially if you want to remove stains that appeared out of nowhere.
  3. Sure, we all want to have some fun during the party, but to avoid spending hours after it’s all over, set a time to do a light cleaning run an hour or two after the party has started. Other guests will notice and help a bit. 
  4. For the party, set a designated area for trash near the food and beverage stations, and label the recipients:  trash, recycling and compost. This way guest can help with the clean-up and you’ll have an easier time with the post-party cleaning tasks.    

Although these tips can definitely come in handy, it’s definitely far more convenient to have professionals taking care of the job. Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services offers Special and Customized Cleaning Services, tailored for particular needs such as after parties, after remodeling/construction, or before and after special family events and holidays.

All services are 100% guaranteed, and the company is licensed, bonded and insured. So, go ahead and plan the most amazing summer bash in Santa Fe. Ana Valenzuela and her team will take care of everything.


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