Deep Cleaning: A must for every home in Santa Fe

Although deep cleaning is recommended at least twice a year for every house, whether it’s a traditional residence or a rental vacation home, the reality of today is that Covid-19 has changed the rules for all and cleanliness has become more essential than ever.

Now that many restrictions come to an end and people start to go back to their business, to work or even to visit (for afar and with a mask) some friends or relatives, cleaning measures have to be stricter. In this case, deep cleaning is an important step for everyone to take, for their sake and the sake of others. 

How to do a real deep cleaning

As the experts in all things cleaning in Santa Fe, the team of Ana Valenzuela is prepared, more now than ever, to do a full deep cleaning to any residence, whether it’s a vacation rental that hasn’t been used in a while, or a residence, for those owners who want to be proactive and stay COVID-free. The quality of this service is 100% guaranteed. 

The first thing we take care of is the quality of our products. The ones we use keep your space disinfected, as they kill 99% of bacteria and virus. We also follow all CDC regulations and suggestions to ensure our employees are safe while performing outstanding cleaning services at homes or offices. 

Other steps when deep cleaning entail:

  • Disinfect all touch points in the house, not only the most conspicuous. 
  • Most surfaces are cleaned with a detergent-based cleaner first, as soap and water are the first line of defense against the virus. Then, each surface is disinfected as well. 
  • Our staff starts with areas of less risk to the ones that get used or dirty the most. For instance, bathrooms should be cleaned last, as they have more exposure. Also, for homes with a two or more floors, the cleaning starts at the top floor.  
  • Around the house, everything is cleaned and disinfected from the inside out, including small and big appliances as well as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers, etc. 
  • Lastly, per CDC recommendations there is an added step of disinfecting again at the end, after other activities (including emptying trash, removing visible soil and vacuuming) are complete, so that any potentially contaminated dirt and dust don’t re-contaminate already disinfected surfaces.

For more information about deep cleaning your home or vacation rental property in Santa Fe, visit Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services. Contact us for a conversation about all things deep cleaning and any cleaning service you need. 


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