It’s no secret that many people come to Santa Fe to enjoy the Georgia O’Keeffe museum along with the multiple galleries in and around the city. Definitely, when it comes to good art, this is the place to be.

But many more make their artistic dreams come true every year, because starting in November until February, they can be part of the Santa Fe Artists in Residence Program. During this time, the whole city opens its doors more than ever to artist and artists in the making who can roam about participating hotels and galleries to meet, interact and see artists as they create their works of art.

To learn more about the Santa Fe Artists in Residence Program, check out their website. A few highlights to know, include:
Friday and Saturday evenings are the designated days to watch the artists and talk to them about their craft. Some hotels and galleries also have exhibits on Thursdays.

You can also purchase the art right after it’s done in front of your eyes! Or you can select from the array of pieces each artist usually has on display.

There are many events to choose from, so make sure to plan ahead and check the program’s website for dates, hours and other details.

Why watch others create art? Many are looking to learn new techniques, others simply like to marvel at the talents these artists have, while many other are looking for inspiration and learning new tricks, as they head right back home or to their vacation rentals to start working on their own masterpieces.

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The artistry of cleaning 

One important part of creating art is having talent, practice a ton, and also having the right tools. But these tools won’t be as effective if they are not cleaned properly. That’s why the professional and efficient team of Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services is prepared to clean studios and all the tools artists use in their creative process.

Oil paint brushes are something the team is very familiar with, and this time they’ve chosen to share some tricks of the trade with all of those artists in the making. Here are the top 3:

  1. Use mineral spirits and dish soap: Before dipping the brushes in hot water, clean excess paint and then apply mineral spirits and dish soap. Rub the brush with back and forth movements in your hand. Place the brush under hot running water. Repeat the process a couple of times until there is no excess paint.
  2. Use more than water: Use paint thinner or safflower oil. First, remove excess paint with a cleaning rag or paper towel. Then submerge the brush in either liquid and push it agains the walls of the container, to remove all paint. Preferably, use a glass container. Repeat several times until satisfied with the result.
  3. Do it regularly: Good brushes need to be cleaned periodically, even if you’ll be using the same colors, in order to keep the bristles soft.

These and many other cleaning techniques are part of the knowledge the team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services displays every day along the best vacation rental homes in all of Santa Fe. Next time you are the city, make sure your vacation rental includes their services, so you can concentrate in the art and enjoyment of the city while your home away from home is in the best hands. 


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