Christmas trees: the one and only holiday staple

The tradition of adorning a tree is one that children and adult love. The lights, the colors, the ornaments and the memories it creates are unique and cherished. Around Santa Fe, people go for trees that look and feel fresh, the number one thing to keep in mind when picking out a Christmas tree. 

Sure, you can get a fake tree, but what’s the fun in that? A fresh tree gives the house a nice scent and makes the feelings of the season feel more real. The only issue is the mess of pine needles it can leave behind, along with some precautions that need to be taken into consideration when bringing a real tree home. 

The team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is used to helping set up and take down trees in houses all over town. Residents as well as temporary visitors staying at vacation homes want to feel the spirit of the holidays, and setting a tree in a particular spot of the house is the best way to do so! Here are some of their tips to do it in style, specially, to do it without turning the house upside-down!

To set it up: 

Pick a spot in the house: Prepare this section of the house to bring the tree in. Clear it of any obstacles you can trip off as you bring the tree in, and before you do so, sweep and mop the area. It’s also important to make sure there is a power outlet close to the selected spot, and if you have kids at home, a corner can be ideal because it’s a safer space to avoid the tree falling over.  

Make it fresh: It’s worth repeating this tip, as it’s key to have a tree that will stay looking green and smelling good for as long as you keep it at home. A well-cut, fresh tree will soak up water while it’s sitting in the tree stand. The ideal is to get at least an inch cut off the bottom. 

Set a strong base: The tree stand should be chosen based on the height of the tree and the water it needs. Wear gardening globes to remove any branches from the bottom, approximately 10 inches up. Bring the tree home and put it in water as soon as you can, pithing the first 8 hours of purchase. Water the tree every day. 

Fluff the branches: Shake and fluff the branches. This expert’s tip is the first key to make the tree look fuller and in better shape even without the accessories. It will take a little time and make a little mess, so keep cleaning tools nearby to prepare the area for the fun part: setting up the ornaments. 

Pick a theme: the theme could be “no theme”, but at least, have an idea of what you want your tree to look like. Purchase ribbons or lights in advance, so you spend time decorating with all the elements within reach. Make it a family affair, involving children in the process. 

When it’s time to take it down: 

Remove ornaments: As you are removing them, use tissue or packing paper to carefully wrap each one, place them in the storage box of your choice and put away immediately. That way you don’t see a messy space around you and have more chance to clean as you go.

Take down the lights: Start where you finished, holding one end of the strand in your hand while wrapping it around your elbow, creating a large loop. Store in a bag and then separately on a box.

Discard the tree: First of all, discard any leftover water that remains at the bottom of the tree. You can get a Christmas tree removal bag right when you purchase the tree. This might save you a headache when it’s time to take it outside, since it’s easily stored under your tree skirt. All you have to do is pull it up and tie it at the top. A DYI method involves some strength and a sheet. Place an old sheet on the side of the tree. Once you’ve removed everything, tilt the tree towards the sheet. Gently lay it down on the sheet and wrap the sheet around. It will be ready to be taken out and there will be much less pine needle mess.

The team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services will be there to help you remove the tree if you need to! These experts can also help you with all things post-holidays, such as deep cleaning, special cleaning or even maid service vacation rental, should you and your family need someone to help during a particular time during the holidays in December. 


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