Nature & Opera= magical time in Santa Fe

Many people don’t know this about Santa Fe, but its artsy vibes it’s not limited to paintings and hand crafts. Opera is also part of the list. And it’s out of this world.

Imagine yourself surrounded by green mountains, a shiny blue sky, a crisp feeling in the air… and you are sitting in front of artists performing the most magnificent rendition of Madame Butterfly. That is what you can witness at the Santa Fe Opera, and many people fly to Santa Fe every year during the summers months just because they don’t want to miss this opera or many others, such as Candide and The Italian Girl in Algiers.

The Opera is located seven miles north of Santa Fe on the west side of US Highway 84/285, and the site is simply breathtaking. The dramatic adobe theater was designed to blend with the style of Santa Fe and the high desert landscape, full of mountains and greenery. This particularity, mixed with the quality of the performances, make this a one-of-a-kind experience. Since 1957, the Santa Fe Opera has featured American singers, in an extensive repertory.  It’s no coincidence that the majority of opera goers come from other states of the United States, and from many countries around the world.

Many of those visitors choose to stay in vacation rental homes and stay for the whole season or for a portion of it, and before dusk make time to enjoy many of the other attractions Santa Fe offers such as hiking and white-water rafting, along with visits to museums and galleries. This year the season starts June 29, and you can visit https://www.santafeopera.org to see the full schedule and plan other activities related to the opera, like backstage tours, ranch tours and prelude talks.

When visitors stop by

Photo: ChooseSantaFe.com

Opera lovers who visit Santa Fe opt for vacation homes in the city and neighboring areas, to take advantage of the full experience. Many return to visit family and friends, making this an ideal time to spruce up the guest home and have it all ready for loved ones to enjoy.

The expert team of Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services is prepared to tackle this project, as well as many other cleaning needs home owners want. The goal is to keep vacation and guest homes spotless, and make them welcoming and comfortable for guests.

Some of the things the team works on when preparing a guest house include:  

  • FLOORS AND WALLS: As the ‘bones’ of the space, these two cannot be overlooked. Walls must be cleaned first, from top to bottom, using a microfiber rag and a spray bottle of water or even cleaning product for dirty areas. The floors should be the last thing you clean, whether they are carpeted or hardwood.
  • FANS AND WINDOW TREATMENTS: Fans are sometimes overlooked, so it’s important to make sure they are dusted thoroughly. For the windows, clean blinds with a rag and water, and put any drapes in the dryer to remove dust.
  • BED LINES AND DECORATION: Sheets and blankets should be washed with a soft fragrance soap (or fragrance free for those with high sensitivity), while the bedspread, comforter and pillows should be placed in the dryer, in high heat. This is a sure way to kill bacteria and kill dust mites. Also, adding flowers, books or picture frames give the house a sense of familiarity that will make anyone feel at home.

Whether it’s opera, nature or art is what bring you to Santa Fe, what you should never forget is that a great visit starts with the perfect place to stay. When looking for vacation rental options, make sure to ask if the Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is in charge of the cleaning. It’s a simple request that’s going to make a big difference when it’s time to experience the best of Santa Fe.



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