Time to move out in Santa Fe? Cleaning is of the essence!

Vacation rentals are a big business in Santa Fe, and there are key things to do when it’s time to vacate the house and get it read for the next tenants to experience. Here are some valuable tips.   

Cleaning a house, for some, might be an easy task. And that might be true, but to REALLY clean is a whole different ball game. Only the professionals know how to do it well, especially when it is time to get the house ready for new tenants.

In the vacation home business, first impressions are key. That’s why the team of professionals of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is specifically trained to address strategic areas and spaces of any home, to make every single one a special place for visitors and owners. Also, in most cases, the full deposit return depends on how well-kept and tidy the house is.

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Bathrooms are particularly important. These, along with the kitchen, are the areas that get dirty the most and where more bacteria accumulate. How to disinfect properly, get rid of soap scum and guarantee a spotless, welcoming bathroom area? Here are some valuable tips from Ana Valenzuela:

Start with the basics: Soap and water are key to begin with. Mix soap and water on a bowl and use a rag or sponge to clean all surfaces in the bathroom, from toilet surfaces to faucet, tub, handles, shower head, etc. Rinse completely and let all surfaces air dry.

Use tricks of the trade: Shower heads (and the nozzles) can accumulate tons of bacteria, so it’s recommended to clean it regularly and at least twice a year submerge it overnight in a plastic bag filled with a treatment of white vinegar (about a cup) and water. Scrub the next morning with soap and water. When this is not an option, use an old toothbrush to scrub the shower head with the same mix of water and vinegar. Rinse and let the water run for a couple of minutes.

Spotless tiles might need car wax: It sounds a bit crazy, but it’s a known trick of the cleaning trade. Water marks show up easily on ceramic tiles but applying a coat of car wax once a year will help minimize those water marks a great deal.

Use baking soda for the bowl and bleach for the toilet brush: For a stain-free toilet bowl, pour a cup of baking soda into the bowl and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Then scrub with the brush and flush. That should do the trick. Now, don’t forget about the brush! Pour bleach over the bristles, let it act for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water. Wash the brush bowl with hot water and soap, let it sit for a short period and then rinse that water into the toilet bowl.

Avoid the hassle of doing all these things for yourself and hire the help of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services. Our moving out service is 100% guaranteed, licensed, bonded and insured. Our team of professionals will take care of all areas of the house, from the ceiling, walls and window frames to the kitchen, the bathrooms and the garage.


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