1,2,3… Dancing salsa in Santa Fe

Salsa arrived from the Caribbean by way of New York, and it certainly made a home in the country. Santa Fe, of course, could not be an exception.

Visitors get to Santa Fe for the art, the mountains, the spas and the year-round sports activities. Not many get there to take salsa lessons, or even contemplate stumbling upon a salsa night at a club in the heart of Santa Fe. But they do! And it’s a pleasant surprise!

It’s fun, cool, energetic, even sexy… and it makes everyone have a good time! Santa Fe residents and visitors alike gather any given night for salsa lessons or salsa night events at different nightclubs in the city. Why not? Among the many attractions the city offer, salsa takes the spot because it’s something for all ages, where people have fun even if it’s just watching other display their abilities or try their hardest.

But one thing is clear: no one goes salsa dancing wearing ugly clothing. Men dress the part, while women wear form-fitting dresses and low heels, in order to spin graciously and easily.

Taking care of your clothes
For many Santa Fe visitors, renting a vacation home is the way to go, as it’s practical and easy. While making themselves at home and enjoying their stay, many decide to take salsa lessons or going salsa dancing any given night after a succulent dinner. Which means practicing the steps and also washing clothes more frequently.

Those who count with Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services are in luck, as they know all laundry appliances at the rental home will be in top condition and also spotless, free of suspicious odors and residues. Ana’s team of expert cleaners tends to all areas of the house, even those you might forget about.

Laudry room

What are some of the tips they apply and recommend for those who want to clean their washer and dryer? Here are the top 5:

Use less soap. Most washing machines nowadays are made to preserve water, so they need a limited amount of soap. Adding more than necessary might leave a coat of detergent on the tub that may cause damage to the machine. 

Read the owner’s manual. It’s useful to know when to hire an expert for a deep clean. It can also tell you some easy tricks to clean it yourself. For both washers and dryers, use a dryer sheet to clean the inside (removes tiny particles you don’t see) and the outside of the appliance, to get rid of dust and fight static.

Remove wet clothes ASAP. Mold and mildew find an ideal environment in all dark, enclosed places. The washer is one of them. Make it a habit to remove clothes as soon as the cycle is done, to avoid the formation of mildew in between washes.

Front loaders are different. Start by keeping an eye at the rubber door gasket. It had nooks and crannies that easily trap moisture. And to clean them you can use bleach (2 to 4 cups) and set the wash with the hottest setting. For a deeper cleaning, repeat the same procedure right after, using 2 to 4 cups of vinegar.

Top loaders requiere care too. For these machines, vinegar (about 2 cups) and baking soda (about 1/4 cup) will do the trick, also running the wash at the hottest setting possible. Once done, wipe the inside with a dry cloth.

Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services also offers Maid Service Vacation Rental, a service dedicated to those who want every day highest hotel standard cleaning services in the Santa Fe area. 


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