Look up! The magic of air balloons in Santa Fe

Balloons, colors, shapes and mesmerized faces all around. This and more fun is what you can expect at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

WOW! That’s perhaps one the words you will hear most in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, from October 6 to the 14, during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. No matter what age you are, watching balloons fly is simply fascinating. And New Mexico has the perfect landscape to make this an unforgettable sight.

During the festival, air balloon aficionados can learn this and many other facts about the art of flying. For instance, did you know that balloons fly by using a gas that is lighting than the air? in the United States, the most common gases used are helium and hydrogen.The festival also offers interactive exhibits and many other experiences, so balloon aficionados and curious tourists decide to come to New Mexico during the first weeks of October to take part on the festival and learn everything there is to know about this art. No wonder why the Discovery Center, a section dedicated to learning, draws more than 30,000 visitors each year.

Families, groups of friends, couples and coworkers plan a trip to enjoy the colorful event, even if they know they will have to get up at 5am at least one time, to witness the Dawn Patrol Show at 6am. That’s why organization and staying at a comfortable place is a must. 

Where to stay?
Although the festival is in Albuquerque, all of the surrounding towns get a taste of what the festival represent. Santa Fe is one of them. Hundreds of festival goers choose this city as their hub, and drive to the different locations where events like concerts and exhibits are happening.

Many choose a hotel, but to really live a true New Mexico experience, a vacation home is the way to go. But how to choose the right one? What are the things you should look for and the ones you can live without? Ana Valenzuela, as an expert on vacation rental and Santa Fe, has some tips to offer:

  1. Think before you go: Do some research about what you want to do and what your family or friend likes. That will help you narrow down the choices.
  2. Book only from a reputable site: A good place to stay guarantees a successful vacation. Make sure the sites you are exploring are reputable, so you can be sure they will ensure you get what you signed for.
  3. Don’t be shy and ask questions: Vacation rental owners will be glad to answer all the questions possible renters have, as this a way for both to guarantee satisfaction on both ends. They will know what you expect and you will know what they can offer.
  4. Show a little respect: Even if it’s a rental home, it’s still a home, so you should treat it as you treat your own place. Follow the rules of the property and your stay will be even more satisfactory.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun: Feel right at home at your vacation rental! Mix with the locals and enjoy every moment of your stay.

When renting a vacation home, cleanliness is a must. To have some peace of mind, inquire about the cleaning services used prior, during and after check in, so you can be sure your stay is even more pleasant. In Santa Fe, ask for the team of Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services, a team of professionals that  takes care of your vacation rental in Santa Fe.


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