New Year, New Cleaning Routines

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to hire a house cleaning service. You will have more time to enjoy your stay in Santa Fe and everything the city has to offer, from art to scrumptious food and outdoor sports.

Now, the question on your mind is: how often should you have this cleaning service coming to your house? Once a month? Weekly? Biweekly? Before you make your choice, answer the following questions, and if more than 3 are a YES, then it’s time to call a cleaning service near you to give you a hand in making your home clean and sanitized no matter the season.

  • Does your house have patios and outdoor furniture to take care of?
  • Do you have a family of more than 3 people?
  • Do you have guests at least twice a year?
  • Do you dread house cleaning chores such as deep cleaning bathrooms, ovens or grills, polishing silver wear or decorations?
  • Do you consider this your seasonal home and you come to stay for a determined period?
  • Do you rent your home during some time of the year and want a reliable service to help you with guest turnover?
  • Do you rent your home during some months of the year and need help when it comes to want to offer your guests an outstanding house cleaning service?
  • Do you want to have time off to do the things you like instead of washing all curtains, pillows and bedspreads?

So… what are the results? If your answer was YES to more than 4, then you need weekly or biweekly cleaning service, and Ana Valenzuela and her team of cleaning service professionals near you are the key to a spotless home in Santa Fe.

Weekly/biweekly cleaning services are a great solution for homeowners or vacation rental owners. It’s the most convenient way to maintain a property clean and always sanitized, because let’s face it, with the presence of COVID-19, no precaution is too much.

What do you get with weekly or biweekly cleaning service? Here are some of the tasks these professionals will take care of:

  • Clean outside of stove and oven including grill and hood
  • Sanitize bathroom tiles and remove any sign of mold that may have developed
  • Vacuum couch and lounge chairs even under cushions.
  • Clean washer and dryer inside and out, and behind and between washer and dryer

Don’t wait anymore and get weekly/biweekly cleaning service in Santa Fe. Our services are 100% guaranteed and we take care of all the things you need in your vacation rental or home. Organize your life and the cleanliness of your home and let us help you when and how you need it most. Call us today at (505) 401-4032


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