Tips from a House Cleaning Pro to Make the Bathroom Shine!

When it comes to house cleaning, two key words are efficiency and effectiveness. To put it mildly, any bathroom is simply gross, and those taking care of making it spotless shouldn’t have to work hard at it. Instead, they work smartly. 

Getting rid of bathroom germs is easier if you keep a regular cleaning schedule and use the right products and tools. Any house cleaning expert can tell you the satisfaction they feel once they finish cleaning a bathroom and they can “smell” the cleanliness. There is no better feeling. 

Fortunately for those working in cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM there are always new tricks to learn and apply to bathroom cleaning, so both vacation rental owners and their guests have a great experience. Because when it comes to bathroom cleaning, there is no cutting corners; there is only diligence. 

How to make better your bathroom-cleaning process, make the bathroom germ-free and shiny? Here are some easy tips to incorporate to your house cleaning routine:  

When Guests leave makeup behind: It’s almost inevitable, specially if your rental property offers white linens and towels. This is a headache for all cleaning services companies. There are many ‘home remedies’ to get rid of stubborn makeup stains but one that is super effective is applying shaving cream right on the areas affected. This cream dissolves through the oil, so it dissolves makeup stains relatively easy. All you have to do is apply the shaving cream and follow with a cycle on the washer machine. 

When the spaces are narrow: An old toothbrush is a best friend for all house cleaning professionals. Sure, you have heard about that tip but did you know that if throw an old toothbrush on boiling water and let it rest for 10 to 15 min, you’ll be able to bend one half of the head of the brush? And did you know that this angle can make it easier for you to get into any tiny crevice of your bathroom? If you didn’t know, then now you do. So go try it out. You’re welcome!

When the toilet is a challenge: A professional house cleaner always has tricks up their sleeves and using antacid tables is one of them! These act as ‘dirt dissolvers’ when you throw them into the bowl to dissolve for about 20 min. Flush and then you can proceed to wash the toilet as you always do, using other products and scrubbing as you see is needed. 

When you need to be swift and clean as you go: This is not a paid advertisement, but using  a Magic Eraser in the shower, walls and other surfaces can save you headaches and time when cleaning. Everyone has its favorite tools to clean and this is hands down a favorite for all house cleaning services. So keep them handy, and use them as you go. 

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