Everybody loves a clean home, and cleanliness is not only a matter of taste, but also a matter of health. Cleaning frequently and methodically helps prevent the spread of germs, breathing problems and allergies. Luckily for those who want the life and health benefits of cleaning but don’t enjoy doing so, house cleaning services companies come to the rescue and do a fantastic job. For those in Santa Fe, Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services has been a long-time alternative fir weekly or biweekly cleaning jobs, a go-to they cannot live without.

Many Santa Fe non-permanent residents come to the city for art, great weather, and lots of wonderful tradition, and they expect the vacation home they’ve chosen to reflect the city’s culture, along with a nice abode to rest and take it all in. A cleaner, tidier space is what they need to feel at home.

The team of Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services has kept Santa Fe homes tidy and clean for many years and they have one trick they don’t mind sharing: building a schedule of “to do’s” for both weekly and biweekly cleanings, so they know what to do and how to do it in the best possible way.

Tips for making a cleaning schedule and sticking to it always come in handy:

Cleaning is a daily matter: The more dirt and bacteria you allow to accumulate, the more time it’ll take to clean once you decide to do it. Make sure to use disinfectant wipe down all wet surfaces and places like the bathroom and kitchen, that are used many times a day for multiple people. Door handles, fridge handle and coffee pot, for instance are things to add to the list of daily places and appliances to wipe down and clean daily.

Every week counts: There are certain areas that need better sprucing a couple of times a week. Among these, add to your checklist sweeping and moping hard floors, vacuuming carpets (at least those in high-traffic areas) and changing towels in all bathrooms. Linens must also be cleaned, as well as the kitchen.

Doing the biweekly round: Choose one room at a time and do the tidying up from top to bottom. Dust all surfaces, change full bedding, vacuum any upholstered furniture and do a thorough pass at windows, windowsills and fans or ACs.

All these tasks can be easily tackled by the experts from Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services. Opting for house cleaning services in Santa Fe will allow you to enjoy all the city has to offer while a team of professionals cleans your home or vacation rental on a weekly or biweekly basis. Find out more about our services, and you’ll soon realize why we are part of the best cleaning companies in the area. Call (505) 660-6568 today!



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