Santa Fe Indian Market 2023

August in Santa Fe means much more than the peak of summer. It represents a celebration of creativity and cultural heritage of Native American artists. For house cleaning services in Santa Fe, NM and surrounding areas means a busy weekend, because those with second homes in the area come around to truly experience the rich heritage of New Mexico. 

Every year, the Santa Fe Indian Market is a must! It’s the gathering of traditional and contemporary Native American art, in which talented artists display their best work in pottery, textiles, jewelry, pottery, paintings, sculptures and more. This year it will take place from 9am to 5pm the weekend of August 19th and 20th, and admission is free! 

House cleaning and art pieces

It’s common for homes around Santa Fe to display works of art made by Native American artists from New Mexico. Our team has expertise cleaning all sorts of materials, using the right solutions and instruments to optimize the home cleaning process while using that is right for each object. 

If you are one of those visiting Santa Fe during the Indian Market, perhaps this is a great time to hire house cleaning services to spruce up your second home and do some deep cleaning in different spaces of the home. Many people decide to do a library or living room deep cleaning, so they can rearrange and find new spots to add the art pieces they will get at the market. 

A short list of what second-home house cleaning gets you with Ana Valenzuela includes: 

Kitchen: from clean the outside of the stove to moping or polishing the floor. 

Bathroom: cleaning and sanitizing like no one else

Dining/living room: Vacuum carpets and furniture as well

Bedrooms: Making beds hotel-style

Along with other areas such as patios and laundry room. The entire house cleaning process in the hands of true professionals. 

When visiting Santa Fe, NM during the Indian Market weekend, you will be immersed in a rich cultural experience, so leave house cleaning to professionals and enjoy all the time you can of the Indian Market, with over 200 tribes and 1,000 artists displaying the best of their craft. Book any Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Service now, right here, or call (505) 401-4032 for a free estimate.


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