Office Cleaning: A Checklist 

One of the best things you can do when preparing to do a thorough cleaning project is to organize yourself. Creating a house cleaning checklist is part of this preparation, so you and/or the team you will be working with know exactly what they need as far as implements and what to do -and not to do- on every room of the property.

An office cleaning checklist is more than a good idea, a need. Office spaces are prime areas for the spread of viruses and bacteria. Just one sneeze from someone mildly sick and the particles will land on many surfaces that everyone at the office might touch… and the cycle begins. Cleanliness is always a matter of importance, but the best cleaning companies in Santa Fe and the country know that having a method of cleaning is a fantastic way to ensure a job well done.

Making a Checklist for Office Cleaning
When making this checklist keep in mind how many people will occupy the office, who will come and go and how often you should perform a deep cleaning, etc. Before creating your own checklist, take these ideas into consideration:

  • What areas and/or objects to clean daily, weekly, or monthly. Make the list and divide them accordingly.
  • Think about products and implements needed for cleaning, from rags and scrubs to solutions and dry products.
  • Make a list of the appliances needed, starting with a vacuum
  • Establish an order. Know what to clean first and what can be done last. Also, add to the list what needs to be not only cleaned but disinfected, such as high-traffic areas and objects touched more often, such as doorknobs, light switches, stair rails, computer keyboards and others.

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