Office Cleaning: Beyond The Surface

When it comes to office cleaning, just like house cleaning, we all think about keeping all spaces tidy, clean, and free of germs. And that’s one of the key things you let your office cleaning service know when hiring them and showing them the space.

They do indeed perform their job to the best of their abilities, but high traffic in an office can bring a ton of germs that not even the most efficient and effective can get rid of without the collaboration of such office workers.

What can you do, as someone who works at an office, to do your part and let the professional cleaning service near you do the actual ‘dirty’ job? Here are some tips from home cleaning experts:

Keep resources at hand: No matter if you know the cleaning service team will come by at the end of the day to clean up, do them and yourself a favor and sanitize your desk, desk phone, keyboard, mouse, and other surfaces before you head out. Keep disinfectant wipes to perform this simple act that helps everyone.

Declutter: Keeping your desk and surrounding areas free of clutter is a perfect way to ensure your office looks tidy. But it goes beyond aesthetics and increase of productivity. A tidy space is easier to clean and allows for the cleaning service crew to clean over nooks and crannies where germs and bacteria can accumulate.

Clean around: Handles and top of office chairs are often touched and, in many cases, are rarely cleaned. Stop for a minute and look around to see what other objects or surfaces could be forgotten when cleaning and add them to the cleaning service protocol.

Be mindful: Do you cover your mouth (with a tissue or your elbow) before sneezing? Do you eat at your desk? How much do you think you spit when talking? These little things add up, and without you seeing them, there are millions of bacteria on all surfaces of your desk. That’s why tip #1 is a very useful one.

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