What’s the first thing that comes to mind when planning your move to a new property? The list can be very long indeed. House cleaning, of course, should be at the top, in particular, contacting a house cleaning service that can do the job professionally and in a timely manner. Doing so will give you back time to focus on something else, like finish packing essentials or taking care of little ones in the family.

Moving time can be stressful on anyone, even when you are organized and get everything ready. Here’s a list to keep in mind when planning a move, so you can keep track of what’s essential and what can wait a bit while you settle in.

Do a Walkthrough before scheduling a deep clean. Even if you’ve seen the house many times before, do one last walkthrough with a deep clean in mind. This will help you notice specific areas that need a more attention. Preferably, bring a member of your house cleaning service team so they can give their opinion as professionals.

Locate key places in the new neighborhood. From services to restaurants, map out the new area before moving in. Once the move starts, you’ll want to have an idea of where the nearest grocery store is, the closest pharmacy and even the hardware store. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know the best restaurants in town and which ones offer delivery. Of course, doing the research about ‘cleaning services near me’ is the first thing to do when planning moving details.

Make an unpacking plan. And send ahead a box with all cleaning supplies. Having supplies will be essential for you, even after the house has been deep cleaned.

Set up utilities. Preferably, have the cable and internet service arrive one or two days before you move in. That way you can have service in case you need to entertain children or better yet, order pizza when everyone is tired and hungry.

Secure the location. This starts with changing the house locks as soon as the previous owners are out of the property. Then, decide what security system to install and make sure it’s set up the day you move in or even the day before. Also, test all smoke detectors and HVAC system and make any changes to those prior to moving in.

Getting the right help when moving in or moving out can be a life saver. Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services is there for anyone in Santa Fe looking for the best house cleaning service in the area. Move in/Move out cleaning services are one of our specialties, along with Deep Cleaning and Special Cleaning and other practical and convenient services to keep your home or vacation rental in top shape. For all cleaning services, call (505) 660-6568 and schedule today!


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