Garden Cleaning 101

Many people tackle spring cleaning only on the inside of their homes. But one of the best things about living in Santa Fe is that almost everyone has big or small gardens, and those need a little bit of love when spring arrives. Only the best house cleaning services in Santa Fe offer, among all their services, garden cleaning, a task that has its rewards but not every homeowner wants to tackle.  

Hiring a cleaning service for garden cleaning can be the best of both worlds. A professional cleans the area and you can take care of the fun part: seeding, planting and decorating. But what does garden cleaning entails? Here are some of tips collected from professionals in cleaning services:

Take care of surroundings: The patio and outside furniture can be worked on first. Yes, you may get the patio a bit dirty again, but it’s best to clean the biggest areas initially and sweep and clean up the tidbits that may occur once everything else is done. If using a power wash, be careful to not overdo it. 

Select the ideal products: Beyond talking about expensive or inexpensive products, what matters here is that you use the right cleaning products for each area of the patio and garden. Many cleaning agents can be damaging to plants, and you can´t control if by accident some solution falls into a planter or anywhere else in the garden. 

Clean the patio furniture: Again, another tip that people may not think about. Wash areas and objects from the biggest to the smallest, in that order. Leave gardening, the most relaxing of the tasks, for last. 

Patch it up: Evaluate the state of the lawn, and if needed, patch up any portions that need a bit more love and care. Spring is the best time to do it! After that, fertilize, water and mow the lawn frequently. Then it is time to get rid of weeds and all dead plants from last season. 

For garden cleaning made easy in 1-2-3…. just contact the professional team from Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services! Always near you, our team is ready to work and clean any area of the house, from the garden to office cleaning, special cleaning, deep cleaning and more. For over 10 years, locals and visitors have trusted us for all house cleaning services in Santa Fe. Call us today (505) 660-6568. 



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