Home Cleaning Tips from Ana Valenzuela

How Clean Does Your Vacation Rental Need to Be?

Investing in a vacation rental is great way to make some extra money, but only if the property is actually used. When travelers go on vacation and need a place to stay, they want the luxury of a hotel with the flexibility of their own place. If they enjoy their stay, they may recommend your […]

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Upscale Santa Fe Events: Fall 2016

Santa Fe in the fall is one of the best times of the year. The weather cools down and the town becomes a little less busy, but there is so much to do. Late August, September and October bring a variety of upscale events for the local community and visitors alike. From the opera to […]

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The Secrets to Choosing and Maintaining the Best Quality Towels

The Secrets to Choosing and Maintaining the Best Quality Towels Towels come in many different types based on color and fibre. In fact, the use of a towel is heavily dependent on the type and length of fibre it is made from. Whilst the types are usually overlooked, it is important to understand the difference […]

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Dog Hair Home Cleaning Tips

Dogs Can Create Some Seriously Hairy Situations A dog really is man’s best friend giving a new purpose to life. However, all good things come at a price and the same applies here. Yes, the most horrific of these prices is veterinary care, but the cheeky rascals will also leave hair ALL OVER the house. […]

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3 Cool Things To Do This Autumn in Santa Fe

3 Cool Things To Do This Autumn In Santa Fe Santa Fe, a truly impressive city. It is a city which never fails to surprise with magnificently new, innovative and engaging ways to express its own culture and history. It is a city which has the magical ability to bring out the creative and expressive […]

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How to Clean Cloudy Tumblers and Crystal Glassware

How to Clean Cloudy Tumblers and Crystal Glassware Archaeological evidence suggests that glass has been around since 3500BC in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was only during the revolutionary period of the 1890s that innovation was taken into glass crafting and drinking vessels made from the material came into popular use and became a kitchen accessory. […]

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Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico In the heart of Santa Fe, only a few blocks away from the best hotels and vacation rentals we find Canyon Road, where the best art of Santa Fe lives. This street is filled with picturesque art galleries, jewelry shops, boutiques, restaurants and special stores where a variety of […]

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Art Galleries of Santa Fe

Art Galleries of Santa Fe On visiting Santa Fé, one thing you are guaranteed to hear about is the amazing Canyon Road, the epicentre of the unique wave of art which has flooded the city and turned it into one of the most renowned artistic centres in the world. The majority of the art galleries […]

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