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More than art… that’s Spring Break in Santa Fe

Concerts, great dining, treasure hunts, resorts, vacation homes… That’s Spring Break in Santa Fe. The city of Santa Fe is well-known as a destination for art lovers, and many of them flock to the city during different times of the year, to enjoy the exhibits and discover new artists. But Santa Fe is also a […]

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Get Your New Mexico Snowbird Rental Ready for Winter

In the winter months, snowbirds are often looking for vacation rentals in warmer climates like New Mexico. Don’t wait for spring cleaning! Get your vacation rental ready for guests with these cozy tips. Snowbirds—those who flee the cold by moving south for the winter—create a huge demand for housing in the states that host them. […]

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How to Achieve a Luxurious Hotel-Feel at Home

Staying at a hotel isn’t just about finding a place to keep your stuff while on vacation, it’s about the experience. If it were in the budget, most travelers would pick a five-star resort for any trip they took. After all, you enjoy fresh linens daily, a fluffy bed, a clutter-free living area, fancy décor […]

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How Clean Does Your Vacation Rental Need to Be?

Investing in a vacation rental is great way to make some extra money, but only if the property is actually used. When travelers go on vacation and need a place to stay, they want the luxury of a hotel with the flexibility of their own place. If they enjoy their stay, they may recommend your […]

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Upscale Santa Fe Events: Fall 2016

Santa Fe in the fall is one of the best times of the year. The weather cools down and the town becomes a little less busy, but there is so much to do. Late August, September and October bring a variety of upscale events for the local community and visitors alike. From the opera to […]

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The Secrets to Choosing and Maintaining the Best Quality Towels

The Secrets to Choosing and Maintaining the Best Quality Towels Towels come in many different types based on color and fibre. In fact, the use of a towel is heavily dependent on the type and length of fibre it is made from. Whilst the types are usually overlooked, it is important to understand the difference […]

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