Home Cleaning Tips from Ana Valenzuela

The Healing Nature of Santa Fe

Timeless cultures, traditions and beliefs are still a vibrant part of Santa Fe. Anyone can feel it in the air. It’s not only fresh and clean, but it also has a special quality that makes you feel you are in sacred land, a place where it’s easier to create deep connections. For over 400 years, […]

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The Art of Eating Well in Santa Fe

It’s true that fantastic works of art can be found in Santa Fe, and perhaps that’s the main reason visitors choose this city as a vacation destination. But many are also attracted or surprised to find the most amazing food in almost every corner of the city. Any seasoned traveler will tell you that when […]

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Fresh and local: Santa Fe Farmers Market

  If there’s one particular thing visitors and locals love about Santa Fe is that it’s easy to get authentic works of art, local artists and entertainment, jewelry and the most delicious produce fruits and vegetables, locally grown in and around the city and the northern part of New Mexico. Those who decide to visit […]

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Taos: for skiers and winter lovers  

New Mexico is beautiful and enticing all year round, but winter has something special. Although must tourists and locals enjoy skiing in the mountains around Santa Fe, Taos is another area that attracts people from all over the world. It’s a magical place where people find more than they bargained for. The name Taos derives […]

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Santa Fe, New Mexico… a heaven for skiers!

New Mexico has nothing to envy Colorado and other states when it comes to skiing options. Ana Valenzuela Cleaning Services also takes care of rental vacation homes during the winter season, when visitors and part-time residents visit Santa Fe to hit the slopes! Besides art, tranquility and excellent food, Santa Fe is also a destination […]

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How to Prepare for a Successful Holiday Party

You have everything planned in your head. The guests have confirmed and you’ve told them many amazing things about Santa Fe and the wonderful winter landscape they will be witnessing once they come to visit. Besides the attire, and of course, the food, having a sparkling home is a must! Whether it’s your own property or you are staying […]

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Family and appreciating life are the things Thanksgiving is all about. Of course, food is also a protagonist, and the turkey is the king of the table. Along with this bird there are also pies and casseroles that are staples of this magnificent celebration. Once the family has gathered and shared many more moments to […]

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There are many places ‘snowbirds’ flock to when the weather gets cold in the northern hemisphere, but none of those are quite like Santa Fe, New Mexico. No one better than Ana Valenzuela, a long time resident and owner of Ana Valenzuela’s Home Cleaning Services to give you a quick rundown of reasons to visit […]

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Art, wine, good food: The Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta is here!

What happens when the best restaurants in Santa Fe partner with the best wineries in the country? The Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta, five days of amazing culinary and sensorial experiences. If you’ve never been, make 2017 the year you witness one of the most sophisticated and delightful events in the country. Its 27th […]

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Tips for Summer Cleaning in Santa Fe

If anyone understands the need to have special precautions when cleaning a house during summer time is the specialist in cleaning. Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services take special care of vacation rental homes in Santa Fe all-year-round and during summer time we know it’s ideal to add certain touches to make any home more welcoming, […]

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