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Freshen Vacation Rental Services

If you have a vacation rental property for in Santa Fe NM, we can offer freshen cleaning services before your tenant arrives. Our experience in the vacation rental industry tell us that 80% of the booking success is related to the how clean the rental is. This service, as all others, is 100% guaranteed. We can be called within 24 hours of having completed the services if something else is required, and we will return to tend to the issue without additional cost to you.

Remember that our company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • Clean main entrance and side doors.
  • Clean any spider webs.
  • Vacuum the house.
  • Check for pests.
  • Sweep terrace and clean furniture.
  • Place exterior cushions.
  • Place bathrooms amenities and paper products.
  • Disinfect bathrooms.
  • Check overall details.




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