Ana Valenzuela Home Cleaning Services in Santa Fe

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When you live in Santa Fe, New Mexico you deal with dust and dirt, which can quickly collect around your home. A dirty home is not only unpleasant, it can also cause health problems or allergies. We understand you don’t want to be breathing in dust and mold every day, so Ana Valenzuela offers a full range of affordable cleaning services for those in north-central New Mexico.

Our home base is at the corner of Cienega Street and East Marcy Street, but we serve the entire Santa Fe region. From large mansions to tiny apartments, and historic homes to new builds, our services will exceed your expectations. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and live up to our reputation of providing the best house cleaning service in Santa Fe.

Our goal is to make our clients happy, and we stay flexible to meet each one’s needs. Along with a list of helpful services, we can cater our cleanings as necessary when you require a different type of housework. We also have the option of using eco-friendly supplies, if requested, and are available to make appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have never had a professional cleaning, use our services as a guide to the types of services you can ask for.

  • Regular Cleaning: We clean for our recurring clients as often as once a week to as seldom as once a month. This service keeps each room clean and presentable all the time.
  • Deep Cleaning: Our deep cleans are recommended twice a year and are more thorough and detailed. This service will get the easily forgotten spots, such as the baseboards, fans and blinds.
  • Move In/Out Cleaning: When you move in or out of a place, it’s best to clean before decorations and furniture are set up so you can get all of the details. This service will create a clean, fresh canvas for you or the next owners to build their home.
  • Special Cleaning: We can provide special cleaning for after events or specific issues around the home. This service is great for reorganizing rooms or closets and weekly laundering.
  • Vacation Rental: Keeping vacation rentals clean is important for return business. This service includes all of your vacation rental cleaning needs, from getting it ready for a new guest to maintaining for a long-term tenant and performing a deep clean and staging.
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning Consulting: Our experienced team of professionals follow a proven process for cleaning and staging a property for vacation rental and we are happy to provide tips when taking it on yourself.

Let us give your Santa Fe home or rental a fresh, clean revamp whenever it is convenient for you. We will accommodate your schedule and find the perfect cleaning solution for your property. Contact Ana Valenzuela today for the Santa Fe maid service that will surpass your expectations. We offer free estimates and a guarantee of work. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, call us within 24 hours of service and we will return and remedy the issue – free of charge.