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How to Clean Cloudy Tumblers and Crystal Glassware

How to Clean Cloudy Tumblers and Crystal Glassware Archaeological evidence suggests that glass has been around since 3500BC in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was only during the revolutionary period of the 1890s that innovation was taken into glass crafting and drinking vessels made from the material came into popular use and became a kitchen accessory. […]

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The Magic of Art at Home

The Magic of Art at Home No home is complete without art.  Our collections, which are not only for decorative purposes, but as an honest interpretation of our inner selves and our inner artistic nature. It is the magic of art at home. The great thing about art is that not only does it make […]

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Care of wood beams

Care for Your Wood Beams High ceilings with visible beams accentuate the contrast of the natural color of the wood. This is a classical element of Santa Fe’s traditional architecture, and one which increases the feeling of warmth in a home. It is important to integrate those beams as part of our cleaning and maintenance […]

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