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Cleaning Up: Key Element of Any Move

Moving involves many changes, and if this process is not done in an organized manner, it can become more stressful and bring unnecessary anxiety. Being realistic, moving is stressful, but there are things you can do to minimize that stress as much as possible. Hiring house cleaning services is one of them. Who wants to […]

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It’s easy to imagine: you invite guests over, the party gets going, and as people start to let loose, the spills begin to happen. Coffee, red wine… you get the picture. For all of those in house cleaning services in Santa Fe, these stains are something to deal with every day. Our team of professionals […]

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Cleaning Clay Houses

House cleaning services experts in Santa Fe know it best: taking good care of clay buildings is an art itself. It’s important to do it well, because clay requires constant maintenance and too much water applied at the wrong time, for instance, can cause more damage than provide help. The professional team of Ana Valenzuela […]

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Carpet Cleaning: A Good Idea Before Winter

Carpets and rugs are more than a decorative piece. They give personality to a room and provide a soft, warm surface for wintertime. But carpers are also the object of splashes, accidents, spills, and dirt from the outside. They need attention and the proper care to keep them looking great. Cleaning carpets is part of […]

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House cleaning services experts in Santa Fe are now faced with the news reality: most homes they are servicing now include at least one office space. The truth is many employees are not going back to the office full time and need to create permanent spaces to work from. Long gone are the days where […]

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